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Website Content Creation Guide

  • The content should be in formats MS Word/PDF, pictures (jpeg or png) and video (mp4) where possible.
  • Only provide the content you want to be published on the website 
  • The content may be sent by email to info@256web.design
  • Please upload any content larger than 10MB to Google Drive and share the link.
You can download the detailed content creation guide or read the summary below. 

Download Detailed Content Creation Guide

Read Summary Below:

Imagine you were going to make a presentation to an audience of 1 million potential customers. 
You are only allowed 15 minutes to deliver your presentation.

  1. Decide a Purpose for the presentation – This will be the purpose of the Website.
  2. Make an Outline of the Presentation. – This gives the Main Pages of the Website.
  3. Develop the content for the slides of the presentation. – This gives the content for the pages of the Website.
  4. What pictures would you use for the slide? – This gives the main picture of each page.
  5. What do you want the audience to do after listening to your presentation? – This gives the “Call to Action” of the website.
  6. What contact details would you share? – This is what we will put on the contact us page.
  7. What products and services would you highlight? – These will be the featured products and services of the website.
Take you time and prepare high quality content. 
Remember your website can be seen from anywhere in the world – let whoever visits it get a great impression of you. 

A good design can only do so much, the message is what really counts – so get your message right!